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Joel Simpson Wedding & Event Photography | Sonia & Earl’s Wedding
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Sonia & Earl’s Wedding

One of the best benefits of this job is that I get to know people I ordinarily might never meet much less get to be friends with them. Sonia Ingram and Earl Monroe are two of the sweetest people I know, and Sonia has a very colorful sense of humor. I felt like a member of their family by the time the wedding came around, October 16, two weeks ago. And that feeling always prompts me to work a little harder—which is how I have fun anyway.

It was a beautiful wedding, all of which took place right here in Union at Galloping Hill Catering. Venus Amor did the planning, and my friend Dawn Hutcheson also mistress of ceremonies. Everything went extremely smoothly. They wanted lots of family photos, which was great, and of course, I brought my 5-foot ladder for the big group photo of everyone at the wedding (waving)—a image of the outpouring of love.

My projection of the images of the first half of the day was very well received.

Here are some photos from the wedding.

 Sonia checks her makeup before heading out.
 from the passenger seat of the limo
 Sonia’s mom Judith (pink dress) could not hold back tears.
 Black and white reveals more emotion than color…
 Sonia dances with her mom, who seems to have recovered…
 …and with her dad.
 Sonia’s mom Judith offers a humorous toast.
 Earl gets lost looking for the garter.
 I’m on my 5-foot ladder to take this photo.
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