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Price Shopping When Choosing A Wedding Photographer - Joel Simpson | Union, NJ Wedding, Portrait & Event Photography
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Price Shopping When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

In the US the first question is always about price, and I do it too. We have to know if we should continue the discussion with a vendor. The best approach if you’re on a budget, and most people are, is to have a price range that you’ll consider, and a willingness to stretch slightly outside it if you come upon someone whom you really think is exceptional. Remember: this is for keeps. Six months after your wedding, you’ll have recovered from the dent in your finances from the whole affaire, and all you’ll have left are the photos, the video (if you do video) and a frozen piece of wedding cake in the freezer.

Taken to extreme, if you simply go with the cheapest alternative, you runs some very serious risks.

Unfortunately, for most brides the wedding they’re planning is their first and hopefully only one, so unless they have a lot of friends who’ve gone through it and told her how happy she was with her photos, she may not be aware of the dangers.

Cheaper photographers tend to be less experienced, less keen on capturing very fleeting emotions, less conscious of the principles of good composition, less given to offer exceptional services like same-day projection of wedding photos, or bringing a ladder, or using an assistant for off-camera flash for superior lighting…the list goes on. And most brides don’t consider these things.

You might pay $100 to $500 for a more experienced photographer, but if you see the difference in his work and customer satisfaction, it’s certainly worth it. And he might have payment plans. OK, so you may not be able to afford $8000 for your wedding photography, but for $3000 or less you can get very fine results. Don’t order the album right away and save a bundle—but get yourself a really good photographer. Fall in love with her work, then work on the price and payment. You’ll be so glad you did when the results come in.

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