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How to Hire a Wedding Photographer - Meet Them - Joel Simpson | Union, NJ Wedding, Portrait & Event Photography
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How to Hire a Wedding Photographer – Meet Them

Many studios employ a stable of photographers to cover the jobs the book. You can certainly count on the basic quality of the photographer that the studio supplies. But there’s also the factor of chemistry—how you relate personally to your photographer. Now your photographer certainly doesn’t have to become your friend; it remains a professional relationship.

If your photographer does NOT treat each wedding according to a formula, if he invests a certain amount of imagination in it, if he is capable of being inspired by your particular flare, or the zaniness of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, then you may get more creativity out of her. This will be especially important, for example, in the bridal party photographs. When you have to take a group portrait of, say 8, 12, or 16 people there are many ways this can be done to avoid the obvious, the humdrum, to make something really fun. And the setting may provide some ideas—a bridge to an island, a tree with low-hanging branches, a sports car, a portico with columns, a broad city street. All offer possibilities that go beyond the standard “line ‘em up and take their picture.”

And you may have a list of shots or a list of people to be captured: your great aunt, or your grandparents. The photographer doesn’t know who they are (although one can guess). It’s also good to appoint one of your bridesmaids to make sure these photos are taken.

In my personal business, when I meet a new bride, I immediately gauge how photo-aware she is. If she has a well-developed awareness of photography and knows what she wants, then it’s easy. But many people do not. So I take as my job to bring her out, to show her what can be done, to get her—and him, too—excited about what we can do to use photography to make their wedding experience and memories stand out, to bring them a smile in later years about how wacky they were on their wedding day.

If you don’t meet with your photographer—and like him—you may be missing all of this.

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