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Ask About Payment Plans or Be Creative About Payment Plans - Joel Simpson | Union, NJ Wedding, Portrait & Event Photography
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Ask About Payment Plans or Be Creative About Payment Plans

If you find a photographer whose work you like on the website, you may be a bit shocked at the price: $3000, $4000, $5000 or more! What? You know you can get someone cheaper, but you really like the quality and creativity of this photographer. What to do?
Well, you call her up and tell her you really like her work, and ask about payment plans. 
Unlike your venue, your food, your flowers, your gown and tux, a photographer is not fully paid by the wedding day—and you will get some monetary gifts.
If the full package includes an album, you could ask the price without the album, and if you can order the album later, maybe a year later.
If the package includes other things, like an engagement session, you could ask the price without it.
And you can always ask to spread out payments. 
Now, there’s usually a portion of the fee that’s due by the wedding day. If this amount poses problems, you can ask of some portion of that fee could be delayed. You might not get your proofs and see your wedding photos until you finish that portion of the payments, but you’ll still get the quality of that photographer’s work. The photographer may ask you for a credit card number and deduct a certain amount each month, in return for supplying the proofs before the full amount is paid. 
In any case, you may need time to recover from your other wedding expenses, and most photographers understand this. They’re happy you like their work and probably willing to devise a payment plan with you that’s possible for you and fair to them.
Here, at Joel Simpson Photography, we would be happy to work with you to achieve your wedding photography goals.
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