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About Me - Joel Simpson | Union, NJ Wedding, Portrait & Event Photography
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Joel Simpson

You want something extraordinary.

You value imagination.

You’ve seen how similar most wedding albums are: change the faces, and they could work for almost anyone.

You want your album to reflect your vision, your uniqueness…

…But you don’t know where to go or maybe even how to ask for it. Is it even possible?


Here is what I know:

• There are poignant compositions occurring all the time in the unfolding of every wedding day.

• Humor is an extremely important component of a wedding album, and there’s lots of it during a wedding day.

• I aim for the inner glow when I take a portrait. Expression is 60%; lighting is 40%.

•In addition to good photography, I use visual effects and layout strategies to track the feelings you had on your wedding day

•Whenever you open your album for the rest of your life, you will re-experience the feelings of your wedding day.


– Joel

About Joel:

Joel Simpson has been in love with photography since age 13. His fine art work has been shown in Europe (Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Tours), in New York and elsewhere in the U.S. and published many times (you can visit his fine art website:

In 2005 he realized that wedding photography is a form of art photography and proceeded to study with some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the country. He insists on getting to know each client that he takes on, so that his creative energy can be supercharged from his personal commitment to them.

His goal is to give his clients more than they expect and to show them what it means to have their lives represented in art.